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This is a collab between two randoms who met on, and went from being roomies to creative partners.

Anna ringstad is a 20-year-old fashion student from Trondheim, but who is now based in Oslo. the concept of much of what she makes is to challenge the idea of what can be knitted and not, by turning various non-traditional materials into yarn. this usually results in the new, pre-knitted fabric having a completely different texture than the original material.

SAVA is a brand that cares about the environment, but even if all the fleece blankets have been bought used, there will still be small fabric residues left after the hats have been sewn (so-called deadstock material). for this collaborative project, anna has made yarn from my fleece remnants from previous savadrops, and knitted it together into new hats. these hats are what make up the anna x sava collab. that is, nothing is thrown away + a new chill hat model has been created.

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